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Why buy Ink Refills Kits? These are do-it-yourself Ink Refills Kits that make it easy for you to refill your own inkjet cartridges in just a couple of minutes! Every inkjet cartridge can be refilled, and this is a secret that the printer manufacturers will try and keep from you so that you continue to throw your empties away and buy new expensive cartridges often at prices over $25 (it costs the printer manufacturer like HP or Lexmark only a couple of dollars to make that same cartridge that you paid $25 or more for). So, ink refill kits make sense! They not only help protect the environment by decreasing cartridge dumps in landfills, they save the consumer hundreds of dollars a year! The average cost to refill your own inkjet cartridge is only about $4! Compare that to what you regularly pay for new cartridges at the store and the concept speaks for itself.

Why buy Uni-Kit refill kits? OK, so you agree that it makes sense to refill your inkjet cartridge. Now why choose a particular brand inkjet refill kit over another? Again, the answer is clear - quality. It's one thing to save $20 on a cartridge, and its another to find out that the printed results of that refilled cartridge are not as clear, not as crisp or bright as what you are used to with the original cartridge. Now here's another secret - MOST ink refill kits on the market today are made in the far east, websites and other vendors flock to China for their products because they are dirt cheap and they can make lots of $$$ by selling these cheap ink refill kits to you. Uni-Kit Ink Refills Kits however are 100% designed, manufactured and assembled in the USA, with superior quality inks made in the USA as well (inks which often perform much better than even original cartridge inks). Durafirm Technology inks which come with all Uni-Kit refill kits produce sharper images, sharper text, more vibrant colors and work flawlessly in ALL INKJET CARTRIDGES. Whether you have an HP inkjet printer, Lexmark, Canon, Epson, Dell, Brother etc... you can be guaranteed that UNI-KIT refill kits will refill your inkjet cartridge! And dont worry about "how to refill", we make is very easy for you - all Uni-Kit refill kits come with the most comprehensive inkjet refill instruction manual in the world, over 99% of the world's cartridges and how to refill them are listed in our manual. It takes only 3 minutes to fill ANY inkjet cartridge, and with Uni-Kit you have the confidence that you are using the best quality inks, the best quality instructions and refill tools, and have full time access to our trained technical support department!

  • Ink Refills Kits will save you up to 85% on your inkjet cartridges
  • Uni-Kit refill kits are made in the USA
  • Uni-Kit refill kits use DuraFirm Technology inks made in the USA
  • Uni-Kit offers full time tech support
  • Uni-Kit refill kit will work on ANY INKJET CARTRIDGE even if its not listed below
  • Uni-Kit offers 100% satisfaction guarantee

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Uni-Kit Inkjet Refill Kits

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Uni-Kit All-Brand 6 Color Inkjet Refill Kit (Combo, Black, Color and Photo) Uni-Kit All-Brand 4 Color Inkjet Refill Kit (Combo, Black and Color)
Uni-Kit All-Brand Black Inkjet Refill Kit (Black) Uni-Kit All-Brand Color Inkjet Refill Kit (Color)
UNI-KIT inkjet refills